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Intuitive and portable program that helps you generate random passwords in order to secure your wireless connections (WEP, WPA) and copy the results to the clipboard or export them to plain text file format

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Wireless Key Generator is a small Windows application specialized in generating random passwords that can be used to encrypt wireless connections. The tool provides a straightforward way for helping you secure your wireless networks with strong passwords.

The advantages of being portable

The portable mode brings some benefits to your system. There are no items left in your Windows registry so it doesn’t get bloated with unnecessary entries.

You can also take advantage of the fact that no setup is required for opening the program so you can copy the executable file on any USB flash drive or other devices and run it on the target computer in no time.

Nothing fancy about the GUI

Wireless Key Generator adopts straightforward looks and offers simple-to-configure features which can be handled even by less experienced users. All the program’s options are included in the main window, so you can easily proceed with tweaking the entire process.

Support for several wireless connections

The application gives you the freedom to generate random passwords for different network connections, namely WEP 64-bit (10 characters), WEP 128-bit (26 characters), WEP 256-bit (58 characters), WPA Light (8 characters / 64-bit), WPA Minimum (20 characters / 160-bit) and WPA Maximum (63 characters / 506-bit).

If the aforementioned options don’t cover your needs you can easily input a user-defined number of characters and hit the “Generate” button for checking out the result.

The password is revealed in the main window, and you can copy it to the clipboard for pasting data into other third-party applications or export it to plain text file format.

On the downside, you cannot build up a list with multiple passwords which are generated at the same time, so you are limited to working with a single result.


Wireless Key Generator displays data very quickly even when dealing with passwords that contain many characters. It is friendly with system resources, meaning that your computer performance is not burdened.

A reliable and fast password generator

Taken into account its intuitive layout and handy set of features, Wireless Key Generator makes more than a good impression and helps you enhance your wireless security.

Wireless Key Generator was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Wireless Key Generator - Using this software users will have the ability to quickly generate keys for securing wireless networks.

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