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Use this intuitive and portable piece of software to recover the authentication credentials for your FTP accounts in command line mode

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Portable FTP Password Dump is an effective command line application that was developed to provide you with the ability of recovering your FTP username and password, being able to export the results to a TXT file in just a few keystrokes.

Advantages in using portable tools

Thanks to its portability feature, you do not need to install the program on your computer for it to function properly and obtain the results you are after.

As such, you can carry Portable FTP Password Dump with you wherever you go on a removable memory device, using it at the office or at home, whenever you cannot remember your login credentials, then deleting it without leaving a trace behind.

Recover your FTP username and password with minimal effort

The utility does not offer a Graphical User interface, so if your level of experience or knowledge is not sufficient to help you handle it, you might be better off trying FTP Password Decryptor, as it is much more user-friendly, especially for beginners.

Nonetheless, Portable FTP Password Dump is hardly that difficult to understand, as you can simply drop the executable onto an open window of Command Prompt (in regular mode; launching CMD in Admin mode requires you to manually enter the EXE path). Afterward, you can just hit the ‘Enter’ key and the tool will analyze your computer, retrieving information in just instants.

The results are displayed in a list, including the used software (the supported apps include FileZilla, SmartFTP or FTP Commander), the FTP server URL, the username and the password. You can export them to a TXT file, by using the ‘-f’ argument followed by the name of the output document (for instance ‘FTPPasswordDump.exe -f “c:\Test.txt” ’).

A reliable FTP credentials retriever

To conclude, Portable FTP Password Dump is a handy and reliable piece of software that can successfully assist you in recovering your FTP access credentials, so you can carry on downloading and uploading files to your account, should you happen to forget them momentarily.

Portable FTP Password Dump was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
Portable FTP Password Dump - Portable FTP Password Dump is a simple tool that enables you to recover your forgotten FTP credentials

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