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A disk wipe utility that makes it impossible to restore deleted files

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Portable Disk Redactor is a very easy to use Windows freebie developed to wipe free space and block recovery apps from getting back previously-removed data.

Although it’s obviously an app that’s more appropriate to experienced users, Portable Disk Redactor remains a very user-friendly app, offering a simple and intuitive GUI.

The only purpose of the app is to erase all deleted files from the hard-disk, which means that it can prevent all the data from getting restored. In plain English, Portable Disk Redactor does no harm to your local files, but instead it permanently wipes free space.

There are only a few settings to play with, so you can erase information twice, check the disk for write errors, work in background mode and fill the cleaned sectors with random data.

There is no help manual available in the package, but instead Portable Disk Redactor shows the essential information right in the main window of the app. Still, a help section to detail the aforementioned options a little bit could come in very handy.

Portable Disk Redactor works smoothly on all Windows versions and doesn’t slow down the system, but it’s recommended to avoid working on the computer before the wiping task comes to an end. What’s more, the app is fully portable, so it can be launched from a removable drive without prior installation.

Overall, Portable Disk Redactor is a decent piece of software that helps you make sure your previously-removed data cannot be recovered. It offers only simple features and requires basic computer knowledge.

Portable Disk Redactor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 15th, 2012
Portable Disk Redactor - All you have to do is choose the drive to be wiped and the application will start the operation immediately.Portable Disk Redactor - The list of options includes wiping the data twice for better security as well as sending the process to the background.