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Remove virus effects on your computer with this tool.

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If you want to help a friend of yours to get rid of a malware infection, the most convenient way is to connect your USB flash drive and run an app that thoroughly scans the PC and cleans it. For example, you can try Portable Virus Effect Remover.

It does not require any installation and does not add any entries to the Windows Registry, and it can run smoothly from your removable device.

The main window of the app enables you to explore all the running processes and to kill the ones you consider suspicious, while also deleting the associated file; you can also restart or suspend a chosen process, and get detailed information on it.

Portable Virus Effect Remover also comes in handy when you want to explore the services installed on the computer (be they running or stopped) and the startup entries.

Furthermore, the app can scan and detect the Autorun.inf virus that often infects removable drives.

If the host computer is infected and some of the OS functions are disabled, you can use Portable Virus Effect Remover to make hidden files or folders visible, as well as erase files that would otherwise not respond to your actions.

In addition to its security functions, you can rely on Portable Virus Effect Remover to quickly scan for clone files within the directory you specify. It can also provide you with a quick means to accessing the Task Manager, Registry Editor and MSConfig on the current PC (this is another function that can come in handy if there is a virus that made them inaccessible).

To wrap it up, Portable Virus Effect Remover can help you clean your PC of a stubborn virus or regain control over some of its functions that were locked by the infection.

Nonetheless, it is always recommended to have a dedicated fully-functional antivirus solution on any computer, so you should not rely exclusively on Portable Virus Effect Remover for your security needs.

Portable Virus Effect Remover was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
Portable Virus Effect Remover - The main window of Portable Virus Effect Remover enables you to access all of the application's options.Portable Virus Effect Remover - To view the autorun details you will use the specified tab.Portable Virus Effect Remover - To change the files and folders options you will access the designated tab.Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #4Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #5Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #6Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #7Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #8Portable Virus Effect Remover - screenshot #9