Portable recALL

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A useful recovery utility that was created in order to make it possible for anyone to regain passwords that were forgotten or misplaced

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Sometimes it may happen that we lose track of a password or forget it altogether, thus being unable to open a certain application or log into a personal account.

If the passcodes are not kept safe and at hand for easy retrieval, the only way in which we can get a hold of this vital data is through utilities like Portable recALL.

Friendly GUI and no installation for recovering passwords

One of the biggest advantages of this program is the ability to run from any device it is stored on, without having to be set up on each computer on which its presence is required.

Through a simple interface, users will be able to get back their lost passwords with minimal efforts. Thanks to the familiar wizard style method provided by Portable recALL, even beginners will have an easy time working with it.

Choose the recovery method and export the passwords in the desired format

The software is quite easy to use and this is evident from the get-go. The whole process requires only a couple of steps before obtaining a list of passwords or just the one passkey that was missing.

Portable recALL is able to carry out a full scan to try and discover all the passcodes automatically, without any further intervention from the user. Alternately, it is possible to opt for the recovery of a specific password from a single file or use the application to restore e-mail or FTP passwords and logins.

When it comes to saving the passwords, this tool can handle several formats, all of them widely spread and compatible with any system, namely CSV, HTML, ZIP and plain text.

A versatile utility for recovering passwords with ease

On the whole, this program is pretty well suited for getting back the necessary passkeys and since it is quite uncomplicated, less experienced users will surely appreciate Portable recALL and keep it close at hand.

Portable recALL was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 6th, 2015
Portable recALL - This is the main window of Portable recALL that allows you to choose the type of job you want to start.Portable recALL - During the scan conducted by Portable recALL you can view the discovered logins, passwords and associated files.Portable recALL - Portable recALL makes it possible for you to export the output in a variety of formats and to a folder of your choosing.