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A user-friendly application that offers you a simple means of recovering important data from partitions and removable storage drives

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Smart Data Recovery Mobile is a utility that enables you to scan just about any file storage medium and recover lost files from it.

It can restore from hard disks, external storage drives, USB drives and even camera memory cards. With its support for both FAT32 and NTFS, you can recover text documents, photos, MP3s and various types of archives. Basically, the application helps you recover the most frequently used data types, which after all, are the most important ones you use.

Smart Data Recovery Mobile displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it easy to use by just about anyone. It allows you to choose the drive you want to scan, the mode and file type to look for.

The utility offers you two modes in which you can scan for files, normal and extended. In extended mode, the application performs a deeper scan that searches for files thoroughly and as you would expect, takes longer to finish. A surprising thing about using this mode is that at times id does not detect any deleted files when a normal scan on the same drive does. Selecting a specific file type to look for doesn’t seem to solve this issue.

After a scan is complete, the deleted files that are found are displayed in a new window. They are neatly stored in folders and they can be previewed before recovering. Along with their names, the application also allows you to view the date in which they were deleted, time, size and recoverability state.

In case the file you’re looking for is lost somewhere between hundreds of found items, the application offers you a search function that you can use to find the one you want, provided you know its name.

With the above to consider, it’s safe to say that Smart Data Recovery Mobile is a file recovery tool that can help you to some extent but it seems to have some issues when it comes to the extended search.

Smart Data Recovery Mobile was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on August 15th, 2014
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