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Powerful and accessible software application that enables computer users to quickly backup and synchronize all the computer files

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Creating files and folders synchronization and backups tasks can be quickly performed with this intuitive software, which allows users to create customized batch processes from command lines stored in a BAL document.

The resource allows users to create synchronization tasks of folders with any types of files

Essentially, one must define three parameters to operate this software: a source folder, a target directory and a synchronization logic. While the first two items are self-explanatory, defining a customized logic is where the real power of the program lies.

Users can control every aspect of the process, including the direction of the chosen documents. For example, one can synchronize files in a single direction, while the corresponding bidirectional variant is a great feature for creating backups of vital folders! One of the great features is the “Sync. Preview” option, which can be employed to actually get a sense of the final process results.

Users have the option of defining document inclusion and exclusion lists

The resource allows users to create manual synchronization tasks and the mode employed can be adjusted to suit most needs. Manually transferring documents allows users to define file masks, either for inclusion or for exclusion purposes. Another filtering option is related to the date of creation.

A notable program feature is the ability to generate and process program-specific BAL files. These contain batch commands for processing multiple entries and are a great method of swiftly processing entire folders, complete with detailed customization options.

Once BAL batch command files are generated, users can streamline the entire process, by processing multiple items at the same time

All things considered, Zback Portable is a simple, but highly efficient backup and synchronization tool that can be employed to protect vital information.

Zback Portable was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
Zback Portable - Zback Portable is a software that allows you to select the source directory and generate a backup preview.Zback Portable - Zback Portable allows you to use the Simple sync tab to create synchronization operations.Zback Portable - You can choose the mode you want to use and input filters from the Manual tab.Zback Portable - screenshot #4Zback Portable - screenshot #5Zback Portable - screenshot #6Zback Portable - screenshot #7

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