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Batch rename local files or folders with this intuitive application that allows its users to employ regular expressions, as well as to cut out certain text strings

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Users with ample local documents libraries encounter various issues due to the scale and sheer quantity of managed files. Among these problems, one is the issue of efficiently renaming entries quickly. While one can go about changing the filenames one item at a time, it is clear that a more efficient method must be employed and JFRenamer Portable provides users with just such a solution.

Batch rename documents and directories

Specifically, the lightweight Java program can be employed to quickly change the name of multiple files or directories. Once launched, simple checkboxes serve to flag items for processing and, once adequate renaming rules have been established, file names are changed with only the press of a button.

One of the notable features of the program is the ability to preview the changes made, a setup ensuring users avoid typos and similar errors. All in all, there are eight processing rules that can be adjusted when renaming items, including regular expressions, string deletion, and case or character changes.

Modify the case of selected items

Insertion of custom text strings is also possible and, in the case of documents, users can also select whether to target extensions or not. Also, one can apply upper or lowercase changes to either the entire name or just the first character and specifying the exact position from which modifications will take place is also possible.

A highly useful rule is the “Search/Replace” option, which allows one to burn through entire folders quickly and perform renaming operations. After jobs have been launched, a “History” tab can be employed to backtrack and filter out any problems that might have occurred.

A powerful utility for batch modifications of file and folder names

In conclusion, JFRenamer Portable is a practical solution for anyone with numerous local files or folders in need of renaming jobs. The program can apply one of eight processing rules to change filenames, including options for insertion or deletion of certain characters, as well as search and replace operations.

JFRenamer Portable was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on August 27th, 2015
JFRenamer Portable - The main window of JFRenamer Portable allows users to select the directory containing the files to be renamed.JFRenamer Portable - JFRenamer Portable allows users to select the type of rule to be applied.JFRenamer Portable - The File List menu of JFRenamer Portable enables users to start the renaming operation.JFRenamer Portable - screenshot #4JFRenamer Portable - screenshot #5

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