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Change the name of all the files in a directory or modify their extension in just a few simple steps with the help of this portable utility

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MySimpleUtils Batch Renamer Portable provides a fast way to rename files in your computer. Due to its name, you might end up thinking that this is its only function, but this lightweight tool can also work as a file converter, assisting you in quickly modifying file extensions.

One of its main advantages is related to the ease of use. Files can be processed by following three simple steps, which users shouldn't find difficult at all, regardless of their experience.

Actually, the interface only consists of a single window that includes all the instructions you must follow, without additional options to go through. As you might guess, the first step is to browse for the directory you want to process. There is a button that enables you to quickly open it in Windows Explorer, just to make sure that it is the right one.

The application can work in two modes, namely to change the name of files or modify their extension, a choice you have to make in the second step. The renaming algorithm keeps the original file type and assigns each file in the selected directory the name you specify, accompanied by an incrementing number. On the other hand, choosing to alter file extensions results in automatically replacing them with custom ones, while keeping the original name intact.

Unfortunately, the application does not give you the possibility to tamper with both these parameters at the same time. Furthermore, there are a few other aspects that might require improvements to make it slightly more appealing to users. For instance, you cannot create a custom name pattern or modify the output location (files are automatically modified, so you must be careful in order to prevent data loss or corruption).

A plus of MySimpleUtils Batch Renamer Portable is that it does not require installation and does not leave fingerprints within the registry of the host computer, as it is a portable version of MySimpleUtils Batch Renamer. While it can use a few enhancements, it can prove useful in situations when you need to rename large collections of files.
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Last updated on January 3rd, 2014

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MySimpleUtils Batch Renamer Portable - With the help of MySimpleUtils Batch Renamer Portable, you can rename a set of files in just three steps.

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