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View and monitor log files on your computer by relying on this lightweight application that comes with multiple useful functions

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Manually parsing logs usually requires you to keep track of multiple files and constantly check them for any modification that might occur, thus proving itself to be a rather tedious task.

Although you can handle the documents mentioned above in the traditional way, relying on dedicated software solutions might yield better and faster results. One of the applications that can help you achieve them is Portable LogFusion.

Note that, since it is a portable application, you do not need to install it, it does not modify Windows registry values nor does it create additional folders.

Minimalistic user interface

This utility comes with a plain interface that encompasses its core functions neatly, helping you access them with minimum effort.

The main window allows you to analyze log files in real-time by importing the desired document from your computer. A history of recently opened files is kept under the Open Other menu so that you can access them quickly if needed.

Unfortunately, this program does not feature an integrated user guide, therefore you need medium to advanced PC operating skills if you want to use its functions to their full extent.

Handy log monitoring tool

You can rely on this application if you need an efficient method of analyzing log files without having to open them manually each time an event occurs. Portable LogFusion allows you to open a file and adjust various parameters to enhance its accessibility.

For instance, you can set it to automatically scroll to the bottom, display a grid for easier data organizing or automatically define the size of columns.

Useful export utility

Additionally, it is possible to select multiple rows and export their content to your computer, as a CSV file. You can set the program to save the entire document's worth of data by selecting the corresponding option from the Export menu.

To sum it up, Portable LogFusion is a lightweight, reliable application that provides you with a convenient way to monitor log files on your computer.

Portable LogFusion was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
Last updated on October 13th, 2015
Portable LogFusion - Portable LogFusion allows you to open and monitor logs by providing you with various useful functionsPortable LogFusion - It is possible to import files from your computer or open various preset log types by choosing them from a listPortable LogFusion - You can select multiple rows or an entire document's worth of content and export it to your computerPortable LogFusion - screenshot #4Portable LogFusion - screenshot #5Portable LogFusion - screenshot #6Portable LogFusion - screenshot #7

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