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Portable SuperCopier is a very useful tool that comes to replace the traditional Windows Explorer file copying utility, offering a great amount of features to help you in this regard.

While it places an icon in System Tray to provide instant access to all its features all the time, Portable SuperCopier supports transfer resuming, which means you can always pause the transfer and resume it at a later time.

What's more, the configuration screen enables you to set up copy speed, just like a typical download manager, to make sure it doesn't affect computer performance at all.

It not only shows a progress bar to track the copying task, but also valuable information to keep an eye on the speed, as well as a log panel to see the status of each copied file.

Launching the configuration screen is mandatory because this is the only way to configure the available parameters, including copy speed limits and user interface.

Additionally, you can configure the actions to be performed once a task comes to an end or in case any errors occur, as well as advanced settings such as process priority and copy buffer size.

Another good thing about Portable SuperCopier is, just like its name says, its portability, which gives you the option to copy all its files on a removable drive and use it on the go, without prior installation.

Overall, Portable SuperCopier is an advanced replacement for the old-fashioned Windows Explorer copy tool, running flawlessly on all Windows versions and without affecting the overall performance of the machine.

Portable Supercopier was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 24th, 2014
Portable Supercopier - Portable SuperCopier will provide users with a very powerful and useful file copier the easily intergrates within the systemPortable Supercopier - Once you have started a transfer you are given a buch of options that you normally don't with the standard Windows panelPortable Supercopier - The Interface tab section will help you quickly and easily minimize on close to systray or choose what to do at the end of the operationPortable Supercopier - screenshot #4Portable Supercopier - screenshot #5Portable Supercopier - screenshot #6Portable Supercopier - screenshot #7Portable Supercopier - screenshot #8Portable Supercopier - screenshot #9

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