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Discover detailed information about your system's processes, performance and network connections using a straightforward application

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System Explorer Portable is an application that lets you view useful information about programs that run on your system.

Since this is a portable product, installation is not necessary. So, you can place System Explorer Portable on a removable device and run the executable file on any computer. Also, your Windows registry entries will not be changed.

Once you initiate the program with the user-friendly interface, you can view the image name, security details, CPU, process ID, memory usage, VM size, date of discovery, as well as parameters for each process.

If you open the context menu on a particular process, you can find out additional details presented in a graph (plus modules), set priority and affinity level, get file details, explore the directory, and more.

Additionally, you can switch the tab to "Tasks" and view current running applications just as in Windows' "Task Manager", to "Performance" and view a visual representation of the security scan (e.g. processor usage, used RAM, pages faulted), or to "History" and find out the time and value for each process or event.

Furthermore, you can view information on modules, uninstallers, connections, autoruns, services, drivers, networking, Windows, WMI browser, snapshots, users, security, and others.

The program uses a very small amount of system resources and includes an online FAQ page. We haven't come across any kind of problems during our tests. Perhaps first-time users would find it a bit difficult to learn how to work with System Explorer Portable, but this tool offers complete information about the inner workings of your computer's software. We strongly recommend it.

System Explorer Portable was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
System Explorer Portable - System Explorer Portable is a simple tool that can help you learn more about the running processes on your systemSystem Explorer Portable - The Performance section of the program informs you about the processor usage level on your PCSystem Explorer Portable - From the Connections tab, you can discover incoming and outgoing USD and TCP / IP network connectionsSystem Explorer PortableSystem Explorer PortableSystem Explorer PortableSystem Explorer PortableSystem Explorer PortableSystem Explorer Portable

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