Portable LaunchBar Commander

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An easy to use software solution designed to help all users who need a dock that makes opening installed applications a lot faster

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Optimizing the workflow and keeping the most often used tool at hand are activities that often imply the use of dedicated programs and there are quite a few tools on the software market developed for this purpose.

Portable LaunchBar Commander is one of those utilities and it has the great advantage of being ready for use without having to be installed on the system it runs.

Clean and friendly interface, designed for ease of use

As soon as the application is deployed, you will surely notice the simplicity of the GUI it offers, but do not let this deceive you because there are plenty of features neatly tucked inside.

Portable LaunchBar Commander can be docked to any side of the screen, so it is quite easy to find the right position for it by simply dragging it to the desired place. The appearance can be customized also and there are a few skins bundled in the package, so you can give it a new look in no time.

Countless configurations for tweaking the app and the hosted shortcuts

One of the great advantages of Portable LaunchBar Commander is the versatility in adjusting each item included in the dock bar. The in-depth configurations are accessible from the dedicated are and can be applied on the spot.

Starting with the launch bar, everything can be personalized and tweaked, allowing you to make the dock behave just as you want it to. Of great help are the maintenance options this program comes with, which will enable you to easily backup the current files, clean unused image data and more.

A highly customizable launcher for use on the go

To conclude, it's safe to say that Portable LaunchBar Commander is one of the most interesting software solutions of its kind. It is easy to work with, yet complex enough to satisfy the requirements of the more demanding users.

Portable LaunchBar Commander was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 22nd, 2015
Portable LaunchBar Commander - With Portable LaunchBar Commander have the possibility to configure buttons and menus which will launch your favourite programsPortable LaunchBar Commander - Portable LaunchBar Commander allows you to edit your applications by adding nodes and change the icons for each onePortable LaunchBar Commander - The Portable LaunchBar Commander dock is highly customizable and from the dedicated are you can make all the needed changes.Portable LaunchBar Commander - screenshot #4Portable LaunchBar Commander - screenshot #5Portable LaunchBar Commander - screenshot #6