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XP SysPad is a launcher which makes access to Windows system utilities its specialty

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This is the portable version of XP SysPad, a tool that provides you with shortcuts to applications and functions found within Windows XP.

Since installation is not necessary, you can save Portable XP SysPad to a USB flash drive or any other storage device, store it on any computer which has Windows XP installed, and directly run its executable file.

In addition, the Windows Registry is not updated with new entries and no leftover files can be found on the hard drive after program removal. Plus, you can carry Portable XP SysPad with you whenever you're on the move.

The interface of the tool is based on a standard window which needs some major improvements in the visual department. In the main application window you can check out all currently running processes, along with their details, such as total flags, usage count, process ID, default heap ID and thread count. Plus, you can establish the priority level for each process.

Portable XP SysPad displays shortcuts to various administrative applications, such as Speech Properties, Forgotten Password Wizard, Add Hardware, and Synchronize Data. Other shortcuts are made to the directories (Cookies, Drivers, Favorites Folder), menus, network, programs, system, and Control Panel areas.

The simple-to-use tool requires a low amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and didn't cause us any issues during our testing, such as freezing, crashing or popping up errors. Unfortunately, Portable XP SysPad has not been updated for a very long time.

Portable XP SysPad was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on February 15th, 2013
Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's main window displays all running processes. You have the ability to chage a process' priority or terminate it.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Admin menu givess access to features like user management, system restore, regional settings, removable storage settings and much more.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Control Panel menu allows you to add/remove programs, change the date, display properties, mouse options, network connections and more.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Directories menu allows you to access various folders on your system like cookies, desktop folder, favorites folder, etc.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's My Menus menu allows you to change/access various menus like application data, desktop, my documents, my pictures, send to, startup, etc.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Network menu enables you to add new network places, disconnect mapped drives, and more. From here you can also browse the network, access the address book, organize favorites and much more.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Programs menu allows you to launch various utilities like calculator, command shell, character map, media player, outlook express, paint, etc.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's System menu allows you to control the CD-ROM drive, view clipboard's contents, access multimedia settings and much more.Portable XP SysPad - XP SysPad's Settings menu allows you to launch the program at system startup, always on top and more.

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