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A network tool to help you with your work.

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Portable Shock IP Changer is one of the apps aimed at users who access multiple networks with the same laptop, offering a very simple solution to change from one IP configuration to another.

Since networks may require different IP settings, Windows users have no other choice than to either input them manually or use a dedicated application to manage all profiles.

That's the purpose of Portable Shock IP Changer too, an application designed to let users create as many network profiles as they want and enable the one they need.

Of course, the program automatically detects all connected network adapters and lets users created different configuration settings for each of them.

Obviously, all data needs to be provided manually, so you first need to set up network profiles. Just input IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS servers and default printer, or simply choose DHCP if it's available, and you are done.

The main window also plays the role of a manager, showing all saved profiles, displaying all the aforementioned details in the same screen. A double-click is all you need to enable a network profile, so it's all a very straightforward process.

Additionally, Portable Shock IP Changer is fully portable, so you don't even need to install it. Just copy the files on a USB flash drive and use it wherever you go.

Overall, Portable Shock IP Changer is undoubtedly a handy product and with a few improvements in some specific key areas, it could become an important player in this software segment. For example, hotkeys to easily jump to another profile or a tray icon to do this faster could really come in handy.

Portable Shock IP Changer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 5th, 2012
Portable Shock IP Changer - The main window of Portable Shock IP Changer will display a status of your network.Portable Shock IP Changer - You can easily add a new item to your network by using the designated window.Portable Shock IP Changer - The Options window will help you adjust the application to your needs.

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