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On-screen typing made easy

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Portable On-Screen Keyboard is a Windows freebie supposed to provide a very simple on-screen typing system that could be quickly used by rookies and those more advanced alike.

Just as expected since it’s an on-screen keyboard, the interface is actually a virtual keyboard that allows you to type just by clicking with your mouse the letters you want to appear in a text box.

Everything’s pretty basic, without fancy effects or elements that could slow down the process, so you may even forget about the help manual that’s included in the package.

A configuration however is available and allows you to enable click sound and a numeric keypad.

What’s more interesting is that Portable On-Screen Keyboard provides three different ways to use the on-screen keyboard: click on the keys, hover or scan them, with dedicated options to configure hover duration and scanning speed.

Last but not least, you can use a joystick, a gamepad or any other gaming device to access the on-screen keyboard.

Of course, Portable On-Screen Keyboard doesn’t hamper system performance at all, which is excellent news in case you plan to launch it on older Windows workstations.

The application is fully portable, so you can always copy all its files on a removable drive and use it on the go without prior installation.

All things considered, Portable On-Screen Keyboard is the tool to try if you’re looking for this kind of app. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t assault the user with unnecessary options and does what it says without asking for installation.

Portable On-Screen Keyboard was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 25th, 2012
Portable On-Screen Keyboard - This is how you can access all the options of the keyboard from the main window.Portable On-Screen Keyboard - Activate the click sound and turn on the numeric keypad from the Options window.

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