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Complete PC Profiling and Diagnostic Reports

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LookInMyPC Portable is a useful software application that generates system profiles which include information on all installed hardware and software.

Simple design

The program has two main tabs with all the options needed to create and compare reports. When it comes to report options, you can view or save your profile and even use a different one. The reports are generated using a wide array of parameters, although for the first exported report it is recommended to leave all the options checked to get an overview on the whole system. Data ranges from antivirus, BIOS, mounted drives, running or installed applications, to the version of Windows installed. The items are displayed in different colors to better tell them apart.

Generate complete reports

The report can include all the system hardware and software parameters, or just the selected ones. By triggering the "Generate Report" button you can visualize the last report, create a baseline to compare it with future reports, or use a larger font to display data. LookInMyPC Portable also displays local and public IP addresses.

View all the running processes

The complete report displays all the available system information, from installed hardware, ISP, applied updates to Windows, installed programs and services, to all the running processes at the time the report was generated. The program also shows registry values from the local machine and current user, along with open network connections and event logs, useful for closely monitoring all the processes on your computer.

A final thought

LookInMyPC Portable is a simple utility for users who want to know all the info available about their computers and have the data safely stored in local reports. The app did not crash during tests, and system load was minimum.

LookInMyPC Portable was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
LookInMyPC Portable - This is the main window of LookInMyPC Portable that allows you to access all the features of the application.LookInMyPC Portable - From this menu of LookInMyPC Portable you can customize the report generation options.

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