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This is a simple, yet efficient application that aims to provide a simple method of viewing basic information about the battery of any laptop

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Portable BATExpert is a handy application that you can use to inspect the status of a laptop’s battery. It provides essential information that makes you aware of its health and well-being.

Thanks to its ease of use and simplicity, Portable BATExpert address virtually all audiences out there and can be run on average to more high-tech laptops altogether.

It is the to-go edition of BATExpert, designed as a clone of the latter, the only difference being related to the deployment process. The advantage is that the portable version does not require installation and can be run from a removable drive.

Simply double-click the executable files wrapped inside the download archive and get acquainted with the intuitive interface, which encases the most important indicators of a battery.

The program automatically detects the battery inside your notebook and fetches details about it on the spot. Nonetheless, if your laptop doesn’t encase such a device, you will be notified of this during the program startup.

Portable BATExpert hints you in relation to the current charge level, as well as with voltage details and lets you know if the battery is currently charging. There will also be indicators for the manufacturing company, chemistry (the type of technology it runs on, for instance Lithium) and a meter for health (in percentages, with low values indicating an old or damaged battery).

The application also contains gauges for temperature, charge cycles and remaining time, but note that some of these may not be identified correctly if they’re not made available by your battery.

Portable BATExpert comes across as fairly simple, but it manages to provide essential information related to a laptop battery, indicating whether it is still in good shape or needs to be replaced.

Portable BATExpert was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on May 25th, 2015
Portable BATExpert - The main window of Portable BATExpert provides basic information related to a laptop's battery.

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