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A handy software solution that notifies when your current applications use too much RAM so you can restart or terminate their processes

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If you want to make sure your computer does not slow down whenever you launch multiple applications at the same time, you need to rely on specialized applications that monitor their behavior. For example, Portable Process Piglet tracks the total amount of RAM each process requires and alerts you if the memory levels get too high.

Unlike Process Piglet, the portable version does not need to be installed onto the host computer, so it does not add any new registry entries and it can be removed by simply erasing its folder.

The main window of Portable Process Piglet displays the currently running processes, along with the level of RAM they require. Basically, the application analyzes each open process for 30 seconds and assesses how much memory it needs to function without any glitches, then keeps on monitoring the processes.

Once a process starts leaking memory and uses more RAM than it should be expected of it, Portable Process Piglet displays a notification with the average memory levels and the current level - at this point, you can either ignore the alert, or you can restart or kill the process so as to make sure it will not affect the overall performance of the computer.

Furthermore, if you choose to ignore the notification, you will also receive a notification as soon as the memory level gets to expected values.

You can also activate the audio alert (so that a sound is played whenever a notification is displayed), while also creating a list with all the processes you do not want to monitor.

To wrap it up, Portable Process Piglet can help you keep track of how much RAM each process on your PC requires, so that you can take the appropriate measures before your PC crashes.

Portable Process Piglet was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 15th, 2014
Portable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process PigletPortable Process Piglet

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