Portable XtremeMark

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A lightweight, practical and useful benchmarking application for single and multi-core CPUs, with support for generating reports

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Designed as the portable version of XtremeMark, this lightweight piece of software puts your computer's hardware abilities to the test by running benchmarks. It can generate reports as well.

Portability advantages

As installation is not a prerequisite, you can save the program to any part of the hard disk and launch it immediately.

Another possibility is to copy XtremeMark to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, to be able to run it on any PC with minimum effort and no previous installers.

What's more important is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, and no extra files are created on the disk, leaving it clean after removal.

Simple-to-use interface and options

The interface is represented by a regular window with a plain and simple structure, where you can configure benchmark settings regarding the number of threads to execute, threads priority, quantity of operations, and report style. Results show the time taken by each thread, along with the total and global time spent.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool carries out the benchmark pretty quickly, during which it may spike RAM. There were no kind of issues in our tests, since it did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, XtremeMark can be used by anyone with ease.

Portable XtremeMark was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
Portable XtremeMark - Portable XtremeMark has a simple, tabbed interface that enables you to access all the functions of the program and perform the CPU benchmarks.Portable XtremeMark - Portable XtremeMark displays the results in the 'Extended Report' tab as soon as the tests are complete.Portable XtremeMark - To customize the running options of Portable XtremeMark you can choose the preferences in the 'Settings' tab.

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