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A development set consisting of a compiler and a debugger.




ATools is a useful and reliable set of smart tools for working with automata defined using the ADL language. The set consists of a compiler (called AC) and a debugger (called AD).

The compiler is able to compile ADL into 32bit relocatable object module format (OBJ), which can be then linked into Windows EXE or DLL. AD allows you to debug linked executables and follow the word recognition process of compiled automaton.

Automaton Definition Language (ADL) is a new programming language created for description of finite automata. Syntax of ADL is really simple and everyone with a decent theoretical background should be able to read and understand it.

ATools is shipped with full Delphi source code.

AC is a lightweight compiler for ADL - the automaton definition language. It allows you to compile *.AUT files into relocatable object module format - *.OBJ. The object files can then be linked into Windows EXE or Windows DLL files.

AD is a debugger for automata compiled using AC, the Automaton Compiler. AD can only debug executables, which were compiled using the /DEBUG command line option. AD is only able to debug EXE files. It is not suitable for debugging DLL files.
Last updated on August 13th, 2007
ATools - Both the compiler and the debugger are quite easy-to-use and simple despite the fact they are commandline tools

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