CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) 7.0.2 Revision 15174

A useful software utility that can generate a wide variety of scripts and code pieces for your projects, such as database table schemas or HTML documents

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What's new in CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) 7.0.2 Revision 15174:

  • New Features:
  • Added a new SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider (Contrib Steven Hyde).
  • Added Gang of Four Design Pattern templates (Contrib Martin Hart Turner).
  • Added support for json serialization of schema objects (E.G., TableSchema) for custom property types.
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CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) - The application generates various scripts and pieces of code that can be manually edited in the main window.CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) - You can create new templates or print the current document by accessing the File menu.CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) - The Edit menu enables you to access the outlining, IntelliPrompt and Macros options.CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio)
Writing code usually requires a lot of attention, improvisation and problem-solving, but it can also get quite repetitive and annoying if you have to rewrite the same bits over and over again.

Rewriting code multiple times can also cause you to make mistakes and typing errors, which require even more additional time to solve.

Automatically generate various scripts and bits of code

CodeSmith Generator is a handy application that can lend you a helping hand in such situations, by allowing you to create custom templates and automatically generate various scripts and functions for your code. These can be easily reused as many times as you like throughout projects to reduce the amount of time lost by manually rewriting them each time.

The utility supports many programming languages and scripts, including C#, HTML, Visual Basic or various database types. The database code generator is especially useful when you want to create table schemas, or perform quick insertion operations without having to type out the whole syntax.

Edit the generated code or create new templates from scratch

After the script is generated by the application, the variable and database-related names have to be manually changed, in order to integrate the code into your project. Furthermore, the entire document is editable and you can optimize or tweak the script to obtain improved performance.

CodeSmith Generator also enables you to create templates from scratch and save them on your computer for future use. The saved documents are displayed in the “My Templates” folder and you can create special projects to hold the files organized according to your criteria.


The amount of time you save using CodeSmith Generator is one of the major benefits of the application, alongside the wide language support and extensive syntax highlighting capabilities. In addition, the user interface is modern and intuitive, with useful toolbars and the possibility to work on multiple documents at the same time.

CodeSmith Generator (formerly CodeSmith Studio) was reviewed by , last updated on October 2nd, 2014

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