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Simple tool that allows creating layouts for Android apps without having to write too much code by offering the possibility to drag and drop objects into place

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DroidDraw has been designed as a user-friendly graphical user interface building utility for Android apps. Before trying to use it make sure that Java is available on the system. Another requirement is the availability of Android SDK.

Simple and intuitive interface

There is no need to install the application because it works out of the box, as soon as the contents of the downloaded archive are extracted and the executable file is double-clicked.

With straightforward looks that do not leave too much room for confusion, DroidDraw enables the user to add the desired interface elements from a set of widgets by simply dragging and dropping them in the layout screen.

Drag and drop the desired objects

There is the possibility to populate the area with regular buttons, check-boxes, radio buttons, loading icons and other elements, each customizable through a Properties panel.

The root layout can be changed to linear, relative, table, tab host or scroll view. In each case the utility provides several options, such as customizing its size, background color, padding, visibility and margins.

If a project is already available, the user can load it and continue personalizing it until the desired final form it attained.

At the end of the process the tool can save the data as an Android layout file in XML, export it as APK or straight to an Android device.

Straightforward GUI creation tool for Android apps

Even for an inexperienced user, working with DroidDraw is not a difficult task. On the other hand, familiarity with creating graphical user interfaces and Java programming are required.

DroidDraw was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
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