Excelsior JET for Windows 10.0

An efficient and reliable Java VM compilation software allowing users to enhance and run their applications, offering various customizable options
Excelsior JET for Windows - The main window of Excelsior JET for Windows allows users to open an existing project or create a new one
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Excelsior JET is a comprehensive and useful utility for Java applications that can protect, deploy and accelerate the programs you create. The product package includes Excelsior JET Optimizer, Excelsior JET Runtime and Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit.

The JET Optimizer enables you to convert your application's classes and jars into optimized x86 (IA-32) code on the developer's system. As a result, you get high performance native executables for Microsoft Windows or Linux.

The produced native code is highly resistant to reverse engineering and tampering. The JET Runtime includes the Java SE API and provides all low-level Java routines which the optimized executables need to run such as garbage collection.

Excelsior JET Optimizer and Runtime are certified for compliance with the specification of the Java platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), versions 6 and 5.0. If you want to distribute your application to a number of clients, you use the Installation Toolkit to prepare an installation package including your optimized Java application and the JET Runtime engine.

Your clients simply install the package and start using your application. Additional software installation, such as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), is not required on target systems.

Main features:

  • JET Optimizer:
  • The JET Optimizer transforms Java bytecode (.class/.jar files) into high performance native code on the developer's system before program execution. The resulting optimized executables run directly on the hardware.
  • The Optimizer employs various optimization techniques commonly used in traditional C/C++ or FORTRAN compilers. To resolve Java performance challenges, the JET Optimizer is powered by state-of-the-art optimizations such as inlining virtual calls, safe removal of ubiquitous synchronization and allocating objects on the stack.
  • The Optimizer comes with the JET Control Panel, a graphical wizard that lets you quickly set up a project file and convert your application's classes into the highly optimized executable (see Chapter JET Control Panel.)
  • JET Runtime:
  • The JET Runtime is a complete Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In particular, it includes a just-in-time (JIT) compiler to load and run Java class files. The key difference from other JVMs is that the JET Runtime can work with both Java classes and native executables produced by the JET Optimizer. For example, a JET-compiled application will be able to load Java plug-ins supplied in the form of jar files.
  • If your program uses plug-ins, loading them with the JIT compiler may take some time. To reduce the overhead, you may enable JIT caching in the JET Runtime. As a result, the native code produced by the JIT compiler will be retained in the JIT cache and reused on subsequent launches of the application. See Chapter Mixed Compilation Model for details.
  • Installation Toolkit:
  • To facilitate rapid creation of installation packages, Excelsior JET includes JetPackII, yet another graphical wizard. Using it, you prepare an installation package including your optimized Java application and the JET Runtime.
  • The deployment procedure is as simple as possible. You specify the JET-compiled application(s) and other files to be deployed, edit few settings, and the JetPackII generates a self-extracting installation executable, automatically including the JET runtime.
  • The installation executable is powered by the bundled Excelsior Installer that features both unattended and interactive installations.
  • In the interactive mode, the installer guides the users through the installation process allowing them to specify installation settings as usual. You can customize the installer to show an installation splash screen, end-user license agreement and to display installation interface in the English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Japanese languages, depending on your choice or the system locale settings. Moreover, you can brand the installer using your own logos and wordings.
  • JetPackII can also prepare the resulting package in the form of self-contained directory that can be just copied to target systems. It contains the clickable application's executable that requires neither extra environment settings, such as PATH, nor additional software installation, such as JRE. You can easily integrate such package into any setup generator or run the application off a USB flash drive without installation.

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Excelsior JET for Windows

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14 Screenshots
Excelsior JET for Windows - In the 'Describe your application' window, users can set the tools's working directory and the classpathExcelsior JET for Windows - The 'Perform a test run' window enables users to add application arguments, then view running processExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for WindowsExcelsior JET for Windows
What's New in This Release:
  • New And Improved in The 64-bit Version
  • Application performance improvements evidenced by industry‑standard and popular benchmarks:
  • SPECjvm2008 and SPECjbb2002 composite scores improved by more than 25%
  • 20% to 60% speedups observed on the DaCapo benchmark suite etc.
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