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A tool which is primarily used to build programs from source code

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GNU Make is a utility designed to help the user compile programs from their source code. If all the resources are available it can automatically determine the pieces of a large program that need to be recompiled and launches the commands for completing the task.

The tool does not require installation and it is ready to run as soon as it is extracted from the downloaded archive.

Console-based interface

It is console-based, which might make some of the users in need of such a tool draw back since inputting commands in the Command Prompt is not the most comfortable way to compile a program.

Instructions on using it, along with all the parameters and options supported are displayed as soon as the product is loaded. On the same note, the developer provides sufficient documentation that touches all the steps and functionality of the utility.

Fundamental in using the program is the availability of a “makefile”, which guides all the operations that need to be carried out.

Quick look at the options

The list of options available in GNU Make includes the possibility to run multiple jobs at once as well as to continue the procedure even if some targets cannot be made.

In order to avoid any unpleasant event, it offers the chance to restrict the running of multiple jobs when the load value is above a specific threshold.


Despite the extensive documentation, working with GNU Make is a task for more experienced users that need to compile programs from their source code. It can be used with any programming language that can run the compiler from shell command.

GNU Make was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
GNU Make - The Command Prompy window allows you to see the available options for GNU Make

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