High-performance Embedded Workshop

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A GUI-based integrated development environment for the development and debugging of embedded applications for Renesas microcontrollers




High-performance Embedded Workshop, a powerful yet easy to use tool suite, features an industry standard user interface and is designed using a modular approach seamlessly incorporating device family-specific C/C++ compilers and the debugger elements for various debugging platforms including emulators and evaluation boards.

This provides the user with a single interface to fully exploit the advanced capabilities of the development tools for the entire development cycle from evaluation of a device through to completion of code development.

HEW enables the use of the right tool for each process. HEW supports multiple toolchain integration enabling development for any number of projects under a single user interface.

HEW eliminates the need to switch environments between coding and debugging operations or between targets as all Renesas software and hardware development tools are supported under the same single user interface.

Take High-performance Embedded Workshop for a test drive to see what it's all about!

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Last updated on January 5th, 2012