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A reliable and intuitive software solution that comes in handy to all those who want to compile their Less, Sass, CSS or Compass projects

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When developing software, all programmers try to rely on the languages they feel the most comfortable with, so that web developers often turn to CSS, LESS, Sass, COMPASS, or CoffeeScript. Since they also need a compiler, they can try Koala.

GUI compiler for web development

The application installs without any issues and you can access the intuitive graphic interface within seconds.

In order to discover its features, you first need to drag and drop one or several folders onto the main window of Koala - it goes without saying that these folders need to store your development files.

Alternatively, you can manually browse to the directory you are interested in, so as to load your the files you have been working on so far.

Clicking one of the displayed items brings up a dedicated panel where you can activate the Auto Compile function, then customize the process by combining the imported data or appending a timestamp. Moreover, you can choose the output style you prefer.

After you compile your selected files, Koala displays a Success message if the process went smoothly or you can examine the error log in case there were some issues detected within the files.

Customize compiling options according to the language

Considering it supports several programming languages, you can adjust the settings of Koala to adapt the compiling configuration depending on the deployed language.

For example, you can select a custom output style for LESS, Sass or CSS, as well as choose to use a system compiler for a specific language.


To wrap it up, Koala can prove to be a powerful and reliable application for all developers who are looking for a customizable compiler for their LESS, CSS, Sass, CoffeeScript or Compass web projects.

Koala was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
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