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This simple to use application allows you to create and edit your LUA scripts, then easily save your projects or save them as HTML files

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Luna Editor is a lightweight and straightforward software solution specifically designed to help you edit or write source code.

The benefits of portability and clear-cut interface

There is no installation required so you can simply extract the contents of the downloaded archive and run the executable from any drive, may it be fixed or portable.

Luna Editor features a clean and intuitive interface, where you can start writing your code, and sports a tab-based layout. You can open multiple documents at once in multiple tabs of the same window or launch other instances of the source code editor.

Auto-completion of the script

When editing your scripts, the tool provides support for automatically completion of the code by suggesting statements, values and expression which you can select and insert in your project.

Furthermore, Luna Editor features line numbering and highlighting of the code, that allow the developer to easily identify the important strings. The status bar placed at the bottom of the main window displays the number of the line currently selected and the character encoding.

Another function offered by this code editor is support to search for a specified word or value in the document, thus making its replacement easy.

From the Configuration window, you can select a source folder, then select the parse option to analyze its contents and update the list of your auto-completer.

After you finished working with your document, Luna Editor offers you the possibility to save it as a LUA or LUNA file, as well as exporting it to the HMTL format.


All in all, Luna Editor, proves to be a reliable software tool worth having by anyone who wants to edit and write source code. By opening various file types and supporting drag and drop, it can be used by experienced and beginner developers alike.

Luna Editor was reviewed by Ciprian Apostol
Last updated on October 16th, 2014
Luna Editor - Luna Editor is a simple to use application that enables you to create or edit LUA and LUNA files.Luna Editor - The application allows you to open previously created projects and export the current ones to HTML files.Luna Editor - From the Edit menu, you can search for words within your document and paste or delete data.Luna Editor - screenshot #4Luna Editor - screenshot #5Luna Editor - screenshot #6Luna Editor - screenshot #7

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