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Easily write down and compile lines of code in an intuitive and practical environment with support for different popular programming languages

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In order to make interactions with a computer possible, practical, and flawless, developers spend a considerable amount of time writing down dozens of lines of code, which are the only input your machine actually understands. However, in order for the code to be piled up in an intuitive interface, special applications like PowerPlus IDE are used to pack the code in a better environment.

Can be used on the go

A neat advantage you notice even before running the application is that it does not take you through a setup process, which means you can run it as soon as the download is finished. Other consequences mean your system remains intact, since registries are not tampered with, and you can even take the utility along with your projects wherever you go on a USB Flash drive.

Visual elements are polished, simple, and make accommodation pretty quick and easy. Projects are all opened in tabs, with an additional explorer panel that lets you comfortably browse through elements. An upper toolbar provides quick access to most functions and triggers, as well as a built-in search field to identify strings of interest in the nick of time.

Far from being a pro

However, you hit a brick wall as soon as you look for ways of importing files. The application is capable of importing different C/C++/C#, JavaScript, and HTML files, with content properly imported. However, there's no way to tell this, because the only extensions displayed in the open dialog are PWR, REP, and LTR.

You can go ahead and start projects from scratch. There's a built-in syntax highlighter you can configure from the settings menu, but only in terms of visuals. Text arrangement and management tools are at your disposal to identify and replace entire text strings, handle bookmarks, or simply jump to a specific line.

Practicality ends here, sort of. With the whole code written down and arranged, the next step is to check it for errors, or take it for a test run. However, triggering corresponding functions has no effect and you'll most likely keep waiting for something to happen, until you realize you're better off with tools you're already familiar with.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that PowerPlus IDE is far from being the type of application it wants to. Visual design, accommodation, and code writing are all intuitive and easy. However, overall implementation of features provides little insight on the type of files and projects you can create and manage, while some functions stubbornly refuse to function at all.

PowerPlus IDE was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 10th, 2015
PowerPlus IDE - In the main window of PowerPlus you can load the source code you want to compile in multiple worksheetsPowerPlus IDE - From the File menu, you can create a new RepGem or a Letter file, and you can also open a Symitar or a Local filePowerPlus IDE - From the Edit menu, you can open bookmarks, and you can expand or collapse roots by accessing the Folding sub-menuPowerPlus IDE - screenshot #4PowerPlus IDE - screenshot #5PowerPlus IDE - screenshot #6

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