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An open-source Python Integrated Development Environment that enables you to make use of various coding tools and options effortlessly

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PyScripter is a practical and effective software solution developed using Borland Delphi, being initially designed for the sole purpose of providing a strong scripting solution for Delphi applications.

Since Python scripts were used to enhance PyScripter, the application has now evolved into a full-featured standalone Python IDE using P4D (Python for Delphi) and SynEdit components.

The program comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface and allows you to access a large set of features including Python Interpreter, Code Explorer, To-Do List and Regular Expression Tester.

What’s more, it provides you with a reliable editor that allows you to perform various actions such as highlight scripts, insert parameters and modifiers and find specific functions with ease.

The File Explorer panel, which can be accessed from the left side of the application allows you to browse your drives for Python scripts and edit them accordingly. You can also filter the displayed files and navigate directly to commonly used directories.

Since it uses text throughout the entire process of coding, you are able to access various text editing tools and functions. In this direction, you can check the current syntax, indent or dedent blocks of code, search for specific scripts and find references.

The ‘Python Interactive Interpreter’ console, which can be accessed from the IDE Windows of View menu, provides you with an interactive and useful Python interpreter that displays all the errors, warnings and running scripts.

Accessing the Code Explorer window, you are able to view a structured view of the source code with functions, classes and their methods. By double-clicking on any function or class name you can move the editor caret to the section of the code where the specific function or class was defined for the first time.

However, using PyScripter you can access many ways of running Python scripts. Thus, you are able to debug using the internal integrated Python debugger (which can be launched from the Run menu), run without debugging using the internal Python interpreter or run externally from the application.

In conclusion, PyScripter is a steady Python integrated development environment that helps you to create and compile scripts effortlessly.

PyScripter was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on May 4th, 2015
PyScripter - This is the main window of PyScripter that allows you to load the Python scripts and edit them.PyScripter - All the editing commands you'll need in order to operate PyScripter are available via this menu of the application.PyScripter - In order to find various code references or definitions in PyScripter you can use the functions from this menu of the program.PyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripterPyScripter

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