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A tool that can check for error while you are typing the code.

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The best way to learn programming is to start with a simple coding language and a basic compiler. Once you’ve experimented with some of the most elementary functions, you’re ready for the next level. A good starting point is Qbasic, an easy-to-use compiler that can also be used for coding.

Aimed at experts and beginners alike, Qbasic has an awesome advantage that other compilers fail to provide: it checks the code for errors as you type the code. Qbasic evaluates your expressions as you write them. This way, you don't have to spend a lot of time going over the code at the end when you have a huge program, just because you forgot to insert a comma somewhere.

Besides, it’s portable; it comes right out of the box and does not affect the system’s registry. It opens up in a command-prompt like window that displays a few menus with access to standard functions such as Edit, Search and Debug functions to name the most important ones.

Qbasic is an amazing tool for first-time users. The language is pretty simple to learn (borrows elements from C), and it doesn't focus so much on punctuation. For instance, you don't have to end each code line with ";" like in C/C++ where it's mandatory. Beginners may only focus on the commands themselves while they're getting familiarized with a programming language.

Qbasic address all types of users and is an awesome IDE and code interpreter. To be truthful, its popularity comes from its most acclaimed feature: the ability to correct your code while you type it. This way, beginners get to learn more about coding than punctuation marks.

Qbasic was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on May 21st, 2012
Qbasic - The main user interface of Qbasic allows you to start with your projects or view the Survival Guide.Qbasic - From the View menu of Qbasic users can choose to display SUBs, to split the screen or view the output screen.Qbasic - In the Debug menu you can execute the following functions: Clear All Breakpoints, Trace or Step.Qbasic - Use the Options menu to access the Display viewing settings and start Syntax Checking.Qbasic - screenshot #5

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