Qwined Technical Editor

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This simple to use utility enables you to edit source code documents and various other files, then export the projects to multiple formats






The award-winning Qwined Technical Editor is one of the most sophisticated free editing tools for Windows. In addition to ordinary HTML, XML, PHP, C/C++/C#, SQL and scripting languages, it supports nearly one hundred other file formats out-of-the box.

As it supports many description languages, hardware and embedded systems design and most of the common configuration file formats, it is a favorite editor for many engineers, technicians, administrators and IT Support professionals.

Using this application you can edit text, search for words and replace them with other ones, then email your project as PDF or ZIP files.

Qwined Technical Editor has all the features you would expect from a modern editor, such as multi-tabbed views, conversions to different file formats (Mac, UNIX, Windows), regular expressions, block editing, full drag and drop, spell checking, email integration, built-in ZIP support, WYSIWYG preview, code folding. save-as in multiple formats (including PDF and RTF), syntax coloring, sessions, template support and much more.

Qwined Technical Editor is highly configurable and integrates with Windows Explorer menu system. It can easily be extended by third parties. Qwined has dynamic multi-language support. This means that the user interface language can be changed 'on-the-fly'. Qwined can be localized virtually in any language. It is already localized for nearly thirty languages covering all the continents.
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
Qwined Technical Editor - Qwined Technical Editor offers you the possibility to open various files and edit the source code.Qwined Technical Editor - The Edit tab allows you to perform various actions to the text, like replace, cut or insert abbreviation.Qwined Technical Editor - The application enables you to search for text in your document and add bookmarks to it.Qwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical EditorQwined Technical Editor

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