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Script building, debugging, compiling and syntax checking, for R language, in a feature-packed integrated development environment

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RStudio is a comprehensive application that features development tools, optimized for R language. The program allows you to build scripts, compile codes, create plots, as well as work with various datasets, in a highly capable environment. The application allows you to create projects for data storage.

Increase productivity when working with R language

RStudio features a series of powerful tools, designed to facilitate developing applications in R language, such as data analysis software. The R language is dedicated to creating both code lines and generate graphic representations.

RStudio includes a feature-packed console, syntax highlighting editor, direct code execution support and tools for plotting, history recording, debugging or workspace monitoring. The text editor in RStudio supports auto-code completion, smart indentation and allows you to run the code without accessory steps.

The program enables you to optimize your work by storing and organizing data into projects. Therefore, each project may contain various files, such as R scripts, R Markdowns, plain text, C++ source code, R Sweaves, R HTMLs, R Presentations or R Documentation.

Comprehensive console and editor

RStudio interface is divided according to your work, into the console, the file viewer, workspace manager and plots area. Once you create a project, you can type straight into the console, as well as edit the text with the various available tools. Moreover, the program supports extracting functions/variables, reindent lines, add comments, run particular lines or open source files.

The Environment manager is an area dedicated to observing and changing the global environment or particular packages. You may view all the defined functions and the history, as well as verify the build directory.

Effective IDE for R language

RStudio is capable of integrating the tools you use with R into a single environment. The program allows you to author HTML, PDF, documents and slideshows. Moreover, you can easily open existing projects or interrupt a R session, in order to change the Working Directory, to load, save or clear the current workspace.

RStudio was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
RStudio - RStudio is a comprehensive development environment for users who wish to build applications using R language.RStudio - RStudio features an interactive interface, which allows you to simultaneously view the general console and plots.RStudio - RStudio allows you to create projects, containing various files with R scripts, R markdows, Sweave, HTML or presentation.RStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudioRStudio

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