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A complete and comprehensive solution for Fortran developers of all levels that need an easy to use tool with an integrated debugger

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Programming languages are used to create both simple and complex applications which allow us to use the computer for communication, scientific experiments or entertainment. Although it is not among the most popular languages at the moment, Fortran is still used for creating scientific applications.

Approximatrix Simply Fortran aims to provide you with a development environment which is able to edit code, compile it and debug programs. These components should be enough for the developers who need to create and test their projects.

When you start the program for the first time you can view a list of examples that can be used to get started. The beginners can also access an extensive documentation which explains all the program features.

The code editor supports syntax highlighting for Fortran and other programming languages which include C++, Lua, Python and Assembly. The autocomplete function is available for modules and module components which can help you when creating complex programs.

Although the program does not support skins, the programmers can customize the text colors and font size in order to create a comfortable working environment. The left side panel can be of help when you need to search for modules, browse the project files or find all occurrences of a command.

Once you have written the code, the Build menu allows you to launch it or clean the code before building the program. The debugger includes the ability to add breakpoints and monitor certain expressions while running the program.

An useful feature is the Toolbox which includes the external tools that you need to use in your development. You just need to specify the executable and command line parameters in order to add it to the menu.

Overall, Approximatrix Simply Fortran provides you with a modern interface for creating and test Fortran applications.

Approximatrix Simply Fortran was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 8th, 2015
Approximatrix Simply Fortran - Simply Fortran will provide users with a reliable Fortran compiler on Windows platforms with all the necessary productivity toolsApproximatrix Simply Fortran - From the Edit menu, users can copy sections of code, find key words and go to a specific line.Approximatrix Simply Fortran - Accessing the Project menu, you are able to save the project, add a folder and view the Makefile.Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #4Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #5Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #6Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #7Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #8Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #9Approximatrix Simply Fortran - screenshot #10

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