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A feature-packed software solution that enables users to develop iOS and Android native applications that can be published to their respective marketplaces

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Considering smartphones are getting more and more popular every week, it is only logical for software developers to focus their attention towards mobile development as well. Smartface App Studio is a powerful and reliable integrated development environment especially created for mobile apps.

It might take a while until the application is downloaded and installed onto computers running one of the latest operating systems, and it is recommended not to interrupt the installation process once it has begun.

The graphical interface of Smartface App Studio is quite straightforward, as a great part of the main window is in fact the WYSIWYG layout designer (What You See Is What You Get). Users can effortlessly add various types of objects to their project, by simply dragging and dropping them onto the workspace.

Smartface App Studio enables them to add UI components such as labels, images, buttons, tickers, edit boxes, dialogs, containers, pages, videos, navigation bars or code readers. Additionally, network components ( Web services, RSS feed or Web client) are also supported, along with data ones (tables and datasets).

In order to ensure their newly-developed app will look smoothly on the target device, users can customize the design area to resemble the one of a smartphone (iPhone 3, 4 or 5, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note or Note II, Nexus S or HTC Sensation XE) or a tablet (iPad, iPad 2, 3 or Mini). In addition, those who are not pleased with these presets can create their own.

When the project is complete and the mobile application has reached its final stages, it can be exported to a local package then published to its corresponding marketplace, be it Google Play or iOS App Store.

All in all, Smartface App Studio can be of use to all developers who want to create mobile apps and who do not want to waste time learning new programming languages (knowing JavaScript is enough when it comes to this software utility).

Smartface App Studio was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 9th, 2014
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