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A complex and efficient application whose main purpose is to help you easily develop your own programs under multiple popular platforms

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UkiIDE is an advanced and reliable development environment which aims to assist you in programming your own software for a variety of platforms, being addressed mainly to beginners in the field, as it requires minimal knowledge or experience.

Complex yet user-friendly appearance

The main window of the utility is fairly complex, featuring several panels and a working window – 'Main Form' - where you can create and adjust the parameters of your application.

On the left side of UkiIDE's window, you can find the 'Objects' from our project, while in the 'Controls' panel, you have the items that you can insert in your development just by drag and dropping them onto the 'Main Form'. Similarly, on the right edge of the screen, you find the 'Project Files' along with each element's 'Properties' and its 'Variables'.

Create and develop your project

To get started, you need to select the type of 'Personalities' and 'Templates' that you want to work with, then input the file's name, location and folder, finally pressing the 'Finish' button to open the main window.

You can then begin adding various elements in your project, by drag and dropping items from the 'Controls' panel onto the 'Main Form', for instance 'Scrollbar', 'Edit Box', 'Image', 'Timer', 'Check Box', 'Button, and others. You can then customize them from the 'Properties' section.

At the same time, you can use the 'Insert Command' option from the 'Edit' menu , where you can input actions that you want your program to perform and adjust them until they fulfill your needs.

The 'Resource Manager' enables you to define all the local files that you wish to add to your project. When you have completed your software, you can use the built-in 'Debugger' to run it and analyze it in detail, allowing you to gradually perfect its functioning.

Handy development environment

To conclude, UkiIDE is a complex and efficient solution that you can work with in creating your own multi-platform applications, which you will be able to run on Windows, Mac and Linux alike.

UkiIDE was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 18th, 2014
UkiIDE - UkiIDE is an advanced tool meant to function as a multi-platform development environmentUkiIDE - From the File menu, you can create a new project, open an existing one or export the contents of the current oneUkiIDE - The Edit menu enables you to copy. paste, cut, find and replace elements inside your projectUkiIDE - screenshot #4UkiIDE - screenshot #5UkiIDE - screenshot #6UkiIDE - screenshot #7UkiIDE - screenshot #8UkiIDE - screenshot #9UkiIDE - screenshot #10

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