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Easy way to compile script files into executables in order to offer users a simple way to benefit from the advantages of scripting

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Not all users know how to handle script files and in order to make things easier for beginners developers created the possibility to convert this type of files into executables that offer guidance.

Simple installation process

Vbs2Exe is an alternative that can compile VbScript, JavaScript and Batch files into native 32 bit EXE files. Getting it on the system is just a matter of following the instructions on the screen; the entire process does not take long to complete.

The interface is intuitive and resembles the file manager in Windows, which makes it easy to use. Suffice to add the script file, provide an icon and select a location for saving the resulting executable.

Extra set of tools

However, there is more to Vbs2Exe than this because the application provides the possibility to include various properties, such as a name, author, web page, contact details. Moreover, it allows the user to add a complete version number.

A set of actions can be set to occur at the end of the process. Among these there is the option to close when the operation completes and include some extra command sets (HTTP, SMTP, FTP operations).

The tools built into the program allow compressing specific files, emailing them or generate an Inno setup script file.

Easy to use script file converting tool

Working with Vbs2Exe is a simple task, suitable even for beginner user; however, the application is designed for more advanced users that need an easy way to compile script files into executable ones.

Vbs2Exe was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 27th, 2014
Vbs2Exe - This is the main window of Vbs2exe, where you are allowed to input the script file.Vbs2Exe - This section enables you to type in some information about the application and the file version.

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