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Visual Prolog is a logical programming language that counts PDC Prolog and Turbo Prolog as predecessors. The goal of Visual Prolog is to support industrial strength programming of complex knowledge emphasized problems.

Visual Prolog supports advanced client-server and three-tier solutions and is especially well suited for dealing with complex knowledge. Visual Prolog is a very safe and powerful programming language that combines the very best features of functional, logical and object-oriented programming paradigms in a elegant and consistent way.

The Personal Edition is for non-commercial usage only and it creates EXE and DLL files.
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
Visual Prolog - The main window of Visual Prolog will display the project's tree as well as general informationVisual Prolog - The File menu will provide users with a list of options such as New in New Package / Existing PackageVisual Prolog - The View menu will list options like Project, Error / Warnings Window, Messages, System Information or Code ExpertVisual PrologVisual PrologVisual PrologVisual PrologVisual PrologVisual PrologVisual Prolog

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