Visual Ribbon Creator

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Visually create ribbon bars for Windows 7 software applications using this straightforward program with intuitive features and settings

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Visual Ribbon Creator is a simple-to-use program designed to help you create a ribbon menu to implement into software applications working in a Windows 7 environment. It comprises an intuitive set of features and settings that should be easy to figure out.

Clean and intuitive interface

The app is wrapped in a user-friendly interface, represented by a normal window with a plain and simple structure, where you can create a list with commands, tab numbers, application modes, groups and controls, arrange items in any order for the ribbon bar, as well as remove any items from the list if you change your mind.

It is possible to generate code, edit the ribbon and project code, build and run the project, customize application menu commands, as well as assign small and large images with a normal or high contrast. Any selected photos can be removed.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any stability issues throughout our evaluation, since Visual Ribbon Creator did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and minimal impact on computer performance, thanks to the fact that it needs a low amount of CPU and RAM to run properly.

Taking everything into account, although it does not integrate resourceful features, Visual Ribbon Creator comes packed with straightforward and powerful tools for helping you create, design and export ribbon menus for Windows 7 applications, and it can be easily handled.

Visual Ribbon Creator was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 29th, 2014
Visual Ribbon Creator - The main window of the program allows you to view the tabs, the controls and the commands that are included in the ribbon.Visual Ribbon Creator - You can create a new project or import an XML file with the ribbon parameteres using the main menu.Visual Ribbon Creator - The Editor tab allows you to insert or to delete items from the ribbon and to change the order of the tabs.Visual Ribbon Creator - screenshot #4Visual Ribbon Creator - screenshot #5Visual Ribbon Creator - screenshot #6Visual Ribbon Creator - screenshot #7Visual Ribbon Creator - screenshot #8

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