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A powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) combined with a project management facility, suited for creating various types of applications





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The development of software applications is a process that involves multiple steps and managing all the stages of this operation often requires specialized tools. Better known as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), this process can be better handled with a utility like WINDEV.

This particular program is made to provide all the necessary means of supervising the development as well as the toolset required to code the apps. The extensive support for pretty much any type of database makes it a suitable choice for programmers and project managers as well.

With the help of WINDEV it possible to develop cross-platform software solutions, as well as individualized packages for Windows, Linux, Mac and many more. The support for cloud apps and web services is also included in this suite.

The life cycle of any application created in WINDEV can be managed in great detail, while the remote control, scheduling or time tracking features are just a few attributes that can be discovered inside this development suite.

The centralized dashboard is a characteristic of this software and it allows the development team to closely administer each project. WINDEV can evolve in any form the programmer requires and the Rapid Application Development (RAD) patterns can be built from the ground up and then used freely, as they are needed.

Access control functions and a powerful reporting component make the whole package complete and allow developers to stay in charge throughout the entire process.
Last updated on December 21st, 2010

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