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A highly intuitive application that enables you to create a source code script using simplified English syntax, instead of programming language

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ScurtY is a simple to use program, designed to help you, as a software developer, build the script in an easy to comprehend syntax. Thus, scurtY enables you to use the English language in order to create a compilable code script and run it for testing. You may then save the project and insert it in the development process.

User-friendly integrated development environment

scurtY is a user-friendly application and it provides comprehensive functions for software developers, as well as an integrated development environment. It enables you to build the code script or scripts using little programming language, but writing commands in the English language and syntax instead.

The purpose of scurtY is to help you avoid scripting errors, due to incorrect syntax. The software is recommended for C and C++ programming language, environments that are known to require a complex syntax. However, scurtY can read commands written in English and compile them without the necessary punctuation.

Source code writing is made easy

The software can recognize multiple types of commands even if they are not preceded or succeeded by the required punctuation. Thus you may write the commands you wish to include in your application, then let scurtY compile and run them, thus testing the functionality of your project.

You simply need to insert the text and save the scurtY project, then compile and run it from the software’s interface. You may save and export the scurtY project to your computer, then continue writing or editing it at a later time. Thus, scurtY is an intuitive and comprehensive application that can assist you in program development.

Short and precise programming language

scurtY is designed to help software developers create their code script, in English language format. For instance, passing from one development environment to another might cause confusion, due to the different types of syntax that they require. scurtY enables you to avoid this situation and moreover, it helps you avoid any errors that can occur during the writing of the code, due to the complicated syntax.

scurtY was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 21st, 2014
scurtY - scurtY is an integrated development environment software that enables you to create code scripting using a simple syntax.scurtY - The software is user-friendly and enables you to create a code script using the English language instead of programming syntax.scurtY - Once you have written the commands in the editing area, the software enables you to save the project then run the program.scurtY

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