CNTService 1.80

A class framework for developing NT services in MFC
CNTService was designed to be a class framework for developing NT services in MFC.

Classes includes:


The CNTServiceCommandLineInfo class aids in parsing the command line at application start-up. It is based almost exactly upon the way that the CCommandLineInfo class in MFC works.


CNTEventLogSource provides a wrapper class for writing events to the NT event log. You could consider this as the server side to the Event log APIs.


CNTService is the class which provides a C++ framework upon which you can develop your own MFC C++ based services. The class makes heavy use of virtual functions which your service class should override.


CNTScmService is a class which encapsulates a service as returned from the Service Control Manager, in effect a SC_HANDLE. An instance of a CNTScmService is usually acquired by a call to CNTServiceControlManager::Open. Once retrieved the class allows you to control the service, change its configuration and query a service's state.


CNTServiceControlManager is a class which encapsulates a connection to a Service Control Manager (SCM) on some machine. Functionality provided includes enumeration, database locking and service access.


CEventLogRecord is a C++ wrapper class for the EVENTLOGRECORD structure as provided in the SDK. For anyone who has had to use this class using raw SDK calls, you will appreciate the easier access which the class provides.


CNTEventLog is a C++ wrapper class for accessing the NT Event Logs. You can consider this as the client side to the Event Log APIs.

Main features:

  • Simple and clean C++ interface using virtual functions.
  • All the code is Unicode enabled and build configurations are provided.
  • All code compiles cleanly at the highest warning level of 4. This is the case with all of my other code on my web site aswell.
  • Build in persistence functions which provide support similar to the build in MFC registry / ini functions.
  • A simple test service has been provided to help you get started developing your own NT services.
  • Comprehensive documentation is provided for all the classes.

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January 5th, 2014, 5:35 GMT
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Naughter Software
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What's New in This Release:
  • Updated copyright details.
  • Updated code to clean compile on VC 2013
  • Reworked the classes to optionally compile without MFC. By default the classes now use STL for strings and arrays but if you define CNTSERVICE_MFC_EXTENSIONS, the classes will revert back to using the MFC collection classes.
  • Updated the codebase to support all Service features upto Windows 8.1. New features supported includes SERVICE_CONFIG_LAUCH_PROTECTED support available via CNTScmService::QueryLaunchProtected and CNTScmService::ChangeLaunchProtected and QueryServiceDynamicInformation support available via CNTService::QueryServiceDynamicInformation.
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