CPJNSMTPConnection 3.12

An MFC class to encapsulate the SMTP protocol

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What's new in CPJNSMTPConnection 3.12:

  • Addition of CPJNSMTPBodyPart::InsertChildBodyPart and CPJNSMTPMessage::InsertBodyPart methods. These new methods inserts a body part as the first element in the hierarchy of child body parts instead of to the end. In addition the CPJNSMTPMessage::AddTextBody and CPJNSMTPMessage::AddHTMLBody methods now call CPJNSMTPBodyPart::InsertChildBodyPart instead of CPJNSMTPBodyPart::AddChildBodyPart to ensure that the body text part of the SMTP message appears as the first child body part. This helps avoid issues where Microsoft Exchange modifies multipart messages where the body text is moved to an attachment called ATT00001.
  • Removed support for DTLSv1 SSL protocol as this is not applicable to SMTP as DTLS is designed for UDP and not TCP. This removal helps resolve an issue where the code did not compile in VC 2013 if you used the "Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp)" Platform Toolset.
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2 CPJNSMTPConnection Screenshots:
CPJNSMTPConnection - The main window of demo application that uses CPJNSMTPConnection component.CPJNSMTPConnection - The settings window of CPJNSMTPConnection will enable you to add the mail server details.
The CPJNSMTPConnection was designed to provide a collection of MFC classes to support the SMTP protocol. SMTP for those not familiar with all the internet protocols is the protocol used to send internet email.

Also included with the SMTP classes in the download is a class called "CPJNMD5Hash" which provides for calculation of MD5 hashes and HMACs using the MS Crypto API as well as a class called "CNTLMClientAuth" which provides a reusable client side implementation for NTLM authentication.

Important!: Please note that I have been informed that CPJNSMTPConnection is being used to develop and send unsolicited bulk mail. This was not the intention of the code and the author explicitly forbids use of the code for any software of this kind.

Last updated on January 26th, 2015

Runs on: Windows All

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