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A user mode DLL (dokan.dll) and a kernel mode file system driver (dokan.sys) that allows developers to create file systems that are accepted by Windows

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Dokan is a lightweight package that consists of a library and a kernel mode system driver designed to provide developers with a new way of creating file systems.

Such an application is necessary for programmers who want to, for instance, improve NTFS or FAT technologies and require a speedy and convenient method of doing so.

The composition of the package, although simple in appearance, relies on a very complex principle that can be used by developers to their advantage, since so much can be achieved through it.

Similar to FUSE, which is a user mode file system for Linux, Dokan allows for the creation of file systems without writing the device driver, this being provided by its engine directly.

Relying on a very simple and short installation process, Dokan deploys the DLL library and the driver that’s required for the system driver to be implemented.

As soon as deployment is completed successfully, you can engage in developing file systems, which with the aid of the built-in technology, will be seen as normal file systems by Windows without you having to make efforts in this respect.

The sample application located in the installation folder can provide insight on how the whole system works and the way it should be handled and developed. Also, the Readme file includes a very rich documentation that aims to inform users about the ins and outs of the program.

On an ending note, Dokan stands all the chances of being the choice of more and more developers, as newer versions are less buggy and provide better support for file system security.

Dokan was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 13th, 2013
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