EasyCatalog Lite for Adobe InDesign10.0.0

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A handy application to help you link parts of your InDesign document directly to the database, enabling you to import data easily




EasyCatalog Lite for Adobe InDesign is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate data insertion into InDesign projects.

It is ideal for the production of price lists, brochures, catalogs and can save hours on your production time.

EasyCatalog Lite for Adobe InDesign allows you to link parts of your document directly to your data - instead of having static text and images in your document, they become live links back to the source of your data. This drastically reduces the time taken to produce your publication: re-keying errors are eliminated resulting in increased accurracy and reduced production time.

Using a direct connection to your database ensures you always have the latest information in your document. Documents can be updated to show the latest data at any point during the production process, ensuring your documents are right up-to-date.
Last updated on January 22nd, 2015