Genymotion plugin for Eclipse1.0.5

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An Eclipse plugin that enables you to run the Genymotion Android emulation software directly from the Eclipse development environment





Genymotion plugin for Eclipse enables you to enjoy the capabilities and the advantages of the Genymotion Android emulator within Eclipse.

With the Genymotion plugin for Eclipse installed, you will be able to launch Genymotion directly from Eclipse and test your Android app much easier.

Since it integrates with Eclipse, Genymotion provides versatility and ease of use, making it possible for you to create and test Android apps within a familiar working environment.

It only takes a few clicks to deploy the plugin in Eclipse automatically, using the 'Install New Software' option in the 'Help' menu. Alternatively, if you are familiar with Eclipse, you can try downloading the JAR files and installing the plugin manually.

Once installed, the plugin makes it possible for you to open Genymotion directly from Eclipse and test your Android app to see the way it will behave on a real handheld device. Obviously, Genymotion must be installed on the system for the plugin to work properly.
Last updated on July 30th, 2015