Internet Packet Monitoring Components

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Internet Packet Monitoring Components - capture and monitor internet packets





Magenta Systems Internet Packet Monitoring Components are a set of Delphi components that were to capture and monitor internet packets using either raw sockets or the WinPcap device driver. Hardware permitting, ethernet packets may be captured and interpreted, and statistics maintained about the traffic.

Uses of packet monitoring include totalling internet traffic by IP address and service, monitoring external or internal IP addresses and services accessed, network diagnostics, and many other applications. The component includes two demonstration applications, one that displays raw packets, the other that totals internet traffic. The components include various filters to reduce the number of packets that need to be processed, by allowing specific IP addresses to be ignored, LAN mask to ignore local traffic, and ignore non-IP traffic such as ARP.


■ Delphi
Last updated on November 5th, 2006
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