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A powerful data-access solution that provides its users with the means to create domain models, define mapping and generate source-code






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LLBLGen Pro is an application that enables you to create object-relational mapping for frameworks such as Entity Framework and LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework.

LLBLGen Pro consists of two parts: the LLBLGen Pro designer and the LLBLGen Pro runtime framework.

You use the designer to create the entity/domain model, define the mappings and generate source-code for one of the four supported O/R mapping frameworks. You use the generated source-code combined with the O/R mapping framework of your choice to access your database and consume the data in that database.

· In order to activate the trial, you have to request request a trial license from the LLBLGen Pro website.

· The code generated with the trial installation may not be used for production purposes unless you own valid licenses.
Last updated on November 13th, 2013
LLBLGen Pro - LLBLGen Pro displays a comprehensive interface and enables you to generate source-code for mapping frameworks.LLBLGen Pro - Opening the context menu for one of the items you are able to make a sub-type of  and set the field order.LLBLGen Pro - From the Project menu, you are able to switch the target framework, search for elements and generate the source-code.LLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen Pro