LLBLGen Pro 4.0

A powerful data-access solution that provides its users with the means to create domain models, define mapping and generate source-code
LLBLGen Pro is an application that enables you to create object-relational mapping for frameworks such as Entity Framework and LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework.

LLBLGen Pro consists of two parts: the LLBLGen Pro designer and the LLBLGen Pro runtime framework.

You use the designer to create the entity/domain model, define the mappings and generate source-code for one of the four supported O/R mapping frameworks. You use the generated source-code combined with the O/R mapping framework of your choice to access your database and consume the data in that database.

· In order to activate the trial, you have to request request a trial license from the LLBLGen Pro website.

· The code generated with the trial installation may not be used for production purposes unless you own valid licenses.

Main features:

  • Visual studio integration (2010/2012):
  • The designer is now fully integrated in VS.NET 2010 and VS.NET 2012. The stand-alone designer is also available so you can choose in which environment you want to use the designer.
  • Table Valued Functions support:
  • The designer now supports Table Valued Functions, which allows you to map an entity or typed view on the resultset of the Table Valued Functions.
  • Action suggestions window:
  • The designer now offers an action suggestions window, which shows what actions are recommended, given the last action of the user and the state of the project / designer. The action suggestions window helps with navigating the designer in common tasks, in case a particular feature might be hard to find.
  • Custom type shortcuts now have default length/precision/scale:
  • A type shortcut can now have a default length, precision and/or scale value which is automatically used when the type shortcut is used as a field type. This allows type aliasing and easier modeling: e.g. one could define a type shortcut called 'Email' which is a type shortcut to string with a length of 150.
  • Rule based .NET Additional Interfaces / Namespaces:
  • It's now possible to specify a rule using fine-grained expressions with an additional interface or additional namespace to define which elements of a given type will receive the additional interface or additional namespace. Rules can be assigned to additional interfaces / namespaces on the project level, to make it even easier to define attribute definitions in bulk for many elements in the project.
  • Update / Delete rules for FK constraints:
  • It's now possible to define update / delete rules (Cascade rules) for relationships and Foreign Key constraints in both database first and model first.
  • Extensible Query Result Caching:
  • It's now possible to specify (in Linq or QuerySpec, and with minor effort also with low-level API calls) a query result cache directive to tell the runtime to cache the results for that particular query for a given amount of time. The caching system is built around an easy interface, making it easy to extend it with own cache providers for cache systems like Redis.
  • Table Valued Function support:
  • It's now possible, using Linq and QuerySpec, to fetch entities and typed views which are mapped onto a table valued function resultset.
  • DataScopes:
  • The runtime framework now offers DataScopes which greatly help managing data in memory in desktop applications.
  • Runtime Libraries are now compiled against .NET 3.5:
  • The minimum .NET version supported by the runtime framework is now .NET 3.5.

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November 13th, 2013, 14:10 GMT
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Solutions Design
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LLBLGen Pro - LLBLGen Pro displays a comprehensive interface and enables you to generate source-code for mapping frameworks.LLBLGen Pro - Opening the context menu for one of the items you are able to make a sub-type of  and set the field order.LLBLGen Pro - From the Project menu, you are able to switch the target framework, search for elements and generate the source-code.LLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen ProLLBLGen Pro
What's New in This Release:
  • New/changed in the LLBLGen Pro designer:
  • Migrating project files:
  • You can use the current version's designer side-by-side with a previous versions of the designer and previous LLBLGen Pro versions. You can load project files saved in previous versions without conversion to the current one. A warning will be shown when you save the project for the first time, as the project is initially in v3.x format. You can load project files saved in the current version in v3.x but you'll lose some information which is specific for v4.0. Saving the project again in v3.x will therefore make the project lose this information.
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