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LightSpeed is a powerful tool designed to help professionals to design application models using classes and properties. It allows you to take control of your data using a reliable modelling and object-relational mapping framework for .NET.

With a high performance core framework and a visual designer built for rapid development, LightSpeed helps you deliver data‑driven applications more quickly than ever before.

LightSpeed is a framework that helps you to rapidly build persistent domain models for .NET applications. LightSpeed helps you to define classes and their relationships, and to conveniently load and save entities using a database, avoiding the need to write large amounts of boilerplate data access code.

Using LightSpeed, you work at the level of business objects, not at the level of database rows. It is lightweight and fast as lightning.

LightSpeed’s design philosophy is centered on the following guiding principles: convention over configuration, support idiomatic .NET domain models (validation, data binding, change notification), highly usable API and low barrier to entry, encapsulate and encourage best practice patterns (session per request, Unit of Work)
Last updated on August 12th, 2014