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Paranoid was designed as a fast and accurate spam detectineg ActiveX component




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Paranoid was designed as a fast and accurate spam detecting ActiveX component.

It is specifically designed to protect you and your customers from the biggest problem: junk email (spam). If you've tried other anti-spam solutions and were disappointed with its slowness and inefficiency - Paranoid Spam Detector is for you.

Paranoid has an ability to learn, and can be easily implemented to any mail server that uses plug-ins or filters. The ActiveX component is very easy and can be used by beginning programmers with any programming language that supports COM technology, including ASP and PHP.

The installation includes source codes (Borland Delphi/JScript/VBScript) demonstrating how to use Paranoid ActiveX component with XMail Server and ArGoSoft Mail Server.

Here are some key features of "Paranoid":

■ Fast content parsing library makes out modern spammers tricks;
■ Control Panel to manage token dictionaries per user or domain;
■ Can be used by software developers to create mail server plug-ins. Since it's an ActiveX component it's seamlessly integrated and maintained with any programming language with COM technology support, including web scripting like ASP or PHP;


■ We provide the Free Trial license that will expire within 30 days.
Last updated on March 3rd, 2006